Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liam's Dr. Seuss 2nd Birthday Party!

What a blast!  Liam loved all of the decorations and is still singing "Happy Birthday" to himself.  I had been planning the party for quite some time and used several blogs for ideas.  You can click here and here and here to see some of my inspiration.  I also found a "Grinched" font on  You can download it for free.  For the graphics, I just did a Google image search and made my documents in Word.  If you have any questions or would like me to email any templates to you, please just send me an email or leave me a comment. 

For the menu:  The Apps were pretty light.  I just had green eggs and ham, cheese trees and multi colored goldfish crackers

Thing1 & Thing 2 BBQ (BBQ chicken)
Poodles Noodles (pasta)
Who Roast Beast (roast sirloin)
Remarkable Foon's Sizzling Hot Pebbles (roast potatoes)
Moose Moss (salad)
Praries of Prax (cole slaw)
Big V, little v what begins with V? (veggies)
Schlotts Knots (rolls)

Drinks and Dessert:
Pink Ink Yink Drink (pink lemonade)
Bezzelnut Splash (sangria)
Valley of Vung Chocolate Rock Blocks (brownie bites)
Yertle's Turtles (turtle candies)
Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (red velvet with blue cream cheese frosting)
(If you want to know what stories these items came from just email me)

Horton's Field of Clover cupcakes (strawberry cupcakes with hot pink buttercream frosting)
For the cupcake wrappers I used red papers for the Thing 1 and used a round avery label to make the label and for Horton I used grass cupcake wrappers.

I made all of the food labels using Avery tent cards. 

Invitations and Decorations:

I made the invites by printing the wording out on white card stock and them layering it on red card stock. 

Most of the decorations came from Michael's.  I bought almost one of everything they had, including a 5 foot tall Cat in the Hat.  I also used all of the Dr. Seuss books that we had and hung streamers.  The centerpieces were Dr. Seuss pinwheel kits from Michaels and the pinwheels served as flowers and then I used pipe cleaners and pompoms for filler.  All of the gifts were put on a sled being pulled by a little brown dog (from The Grinch).  I made napkin rings with all of the different Dr. Seuss characters and used red napkins with light blue cutlery.

I made Liam a shirt that says "I am 2" and used the "Grinched" font as the template.

All in all, I think the party was a huge success.  I hope you like the idea and it inspires some of you.



Kristin said...

So adorable! What a fun theme!

Elysha said...

This is so cute! You did such a great job! I especially love the book that you had everyone sign. What a great idea!

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness!! Everything was fabulous!!! I love the names of all the food you served. Those cheese trees are awesome. Super creative and crafty. :)

Sarah Hardy said...

What a wonderful 2nd birthday party. I bet Liam loved it! I also have a son that I blog about he's 4 month. Hopefully you and your subscribers can check out my blog

Michelle said...

Great job Lindsay and thanks for the mention!

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