Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love It or Leave It?

I thought I would share, with all of you, a few of the things that I love and cannot live without.
1)  Up & Up diapers.  They are half the price of Pampers and work great.
2)  Baby placemats.  Great for when you're out and about at a restaurant.
3)  Method cleaners especially the mint scented glass cleaner
4) when they have 80% off.  You can find some really nice restaurant gift certificates for really cheap.
5)  Essie Chinchilly gray nail polish
6)  Ugg Slippers

Things that I hate and are a huge waste of money.
1)  Huggies wipes!  They feel so cheap and scratchy.
2)  Avent sippy cups because they leak even though they say that they shouldn't
3)  Any type of stainless steel appliance cleaner.  I have tried them all and they all leave streaks.  The best way to clean your stainless appliances is a rag with a dot of dish soap and warm water.
4)  Bras from Victoria's Secret and the people who measure you at Vicki's.  Do yourself a favor ladies, go to a place like Nordstrom or a corsetiere shop and have a real professional measure you.  It will change your life!

So what do you love and hate?  Share some of your favorite things and things that are a waste of money.


Laraf123 said...

Love those Up&Up diapers too. Work just fine and the polkadots look cute on boy babies. Actually, I love most of Target's house brand products--who needs to pay full price for household stuff?

karen_lastovica said...

I love love love Cranial Tech and the amazing things they can do for babies with misshapen heads and I also love our new Nuby sippy cups because now it's uncomfortable for my daughter to drink from her cup the wrong way.

I hate the rising price of gas (3.95 per gallon, and that's not even the highest price out there...) and I have to get my daughter to an out of town medical appointment tomorrow. I'm dreading the trip to the gas station. I've decided I just will not watch the screen telling me how much money it is stealing from me...And I hate the cost of toddler shoes. They seem so over priced and the child just outgrows them before they even begin to wear out.

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