Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back Entryway Redo!

I can't stand clutter!  I also don't like shoes being worn in the house (so dirty).  At our home, we usually use the back entryway and immediately kick off our shoes and then head up a few stairs into the kitchen.  We live in a 1920's octagonal bungalow if that helps anyone.  Usually the back door looks like this:

You get the point.  It's a mess of shoes piled on top of each other and coats hung on the railing.  I don't like it one bit.  So I finally decided to do something about it.  I needed a shelf for the shoes and I wanted something with hooks on which to hang the coats.  I saw that Target had the closetmaid shelves on sale, $11.99 for the 31 inch white shoe shelf.  Perfect!  I ran out and bought it and promptly put it together.


Then, I remembered that I had an old entryway mirror with hooks.  I dug it out, took the mirror out and removed the hooks, lightly sanded it and painted 3 coats of white paint that was left over from the trim.  It cost me NOTHING!  Here are pictures of the process.

My husband was so kind to help me with the next part.  He had to drill new holes in the frame because the existing holes were so crooked.  Also, my dad helped me by procuring a piece of steel from work to put in place of the mirror.  The piece hangs at a strange place.  It's at the top of the basement staircase but at the bottom of the kitchen staircase.  One would never stand there and look at themselves in the mirror.  I figured if it was metal, I could use some of my cute marble magnets and put love notes on it like "Troy, take out the trash!".  Here is the finished product and I think it turned out great.  In total it cost me $11.99 for the shoe shelf and $8.00 for the Hercules Hooks to hang it up.  I hope you guys like it too!

It looks so much cleaner and your not tripping over shoes.  Thanks again Troy and Dad for helping me with this one.  And to those of you who think that you couldn't do it, yes you can.  I am not handy and I hate getting dirty, but I did it.  It was my first step into refinishing a piece of furniture if you will.  Hopefully there will be more to follow.



Anonymous said...

what a great idea. It really looks great! I love the idea of the magnetic board.

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