Friday, April 8, 2011

Really Cute Spring Tree

This popped into my head this morning because I noticed leaf buds on the trees.  I asked Liam, "Do you want to make a tree?"  He replied, "Yesssss!"  Here's what you'll need:
White construction paper (for background), green construction paper (for leaves), brown construction paper or brown grocery bag (for the trunk), scissors and a glue stick. 

Trace your little ones hand and arm, up to their elbow, on the brown paper.  Cut it out and glue it on to the white paper.  The arm is the tree trunk and the finger are the branches.

Cut leaves out of the green paper and have your child glue them onto the "branches".  Liam is in a bossy phase, so he spread glue on the leaves and then told me where to put them. 

Telling Mama where to glue the leaf.  Even Prada (my kitty) was in on this one.

I think it turned out really cute! 

Here's a picture of Liam saying "cheese" and showing off his work of art. 

You can, of course, add flower buds to the tree with colorful paper or tissue.  You can also color the leaves or tree if you'd like.  Liam told me he was done though.  This would also be a great fall project and you could use red, orange, green and yellow for the leaves. 

Think Spring!


Carrie said...

Clever project and Liam just gets cuter everyday. I like that he was the "art director" and let you know where to put the leaves haha

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