Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Make a Tutu

If I could wear a tutu, and not look like and idiot, I would.  But I can't, so I made one for Liam's friend.  I've seen many different instructions on line, but here is how I did it.  What you need:  2-3 rolls of tulle in colors of your choice (the rolls I bought were 25 yards long and 6 inches wide), ribbon and scissors.

Measure the child's waist and add 20 inches for the "tales" to tie the tutu.  The little girl that is getting this tutu is 2 and close in height to my son so I determined that I needed to cut my tulle into 25 inch strips.  Measure 10 inches in from the end of the ribbon and tie a knot.  This is so the tulle will not slide off of the ribbon.  Start tying the tulle strips on by using a lark's head knot (pictured below or click the link).  You can tie a double knot, but I think the lark's head knot looks better.

The 25 inch strips of tulle will make the skirt about 12 inches in length.  Continue tying the tulle until you come to 10 inches from the end.  Tie another knot so the tulle will not slip off of the ribbon.  It's that easy.  You can use the same color or alternating colors (I used pink and purple).  You can also add sheer ribbon every so often or add little gems or beads.

Liam thought the tutu was pretty cool and I really needed to try it on to make sure that it would fit his friend, so I had to put it on him.  He loved it and kept spinnig around and saying "tutu, tutu, tutu, tutu!"  Troy would not let me take a picture.



Momma Lew said...

Do you have the Crafty Mama book? A lot of the projects you have been making are from there, so I was just wondering! :)

Lindsay said...

I have not heard of that book but I think I will have to look in to it. The things I make are just things that I like and have seen on other sites.

Momma Lew said...

This is the book:

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