Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy week!

This week has been crazy, and it's only Thursday!  Monday was a new Tot gym class that was terrible (we ended up cancelling this class).  The park district combined two classes and there were too many kids and too big of an age range (9mth-3yrs).  It was in a huge gym filled with toys but all Liam and his partner in crime, "K" ,wanted to do was run to the other side and play with the grown-ups (they were playing flag football). 

Then came Tuesday.  I had to get up early again, to be showered and dressed before Liam was up so that I could get him ready and head out to another new class call PT Tumblers.  This class was so much better and he did great.  He loved the obstacle course so much that I could not get him to sit still for circle time at the end. 

Wednesday started the same as Monday and Tuesday.  I was up early to get ready and then get Liam up and ready to head out to yet another new class called Play & Stay.  This class was by far the best.  First, the kids are in a small room and do a craft, then move into the gym for open play, next they come to the mats for circle time and songs and finally back to the small room for a story and snack.  He really loved it and did so great!  He even sat for circle time and tried to sing along.

Today, started off a little hectic, but has turned out to be a good day so far.  It's cleaning lady day, which is one of my favorite days.  She does a good,deep clean of the house every other Thursday and I love her for it!  Liam really likes her too and insists that he show her everyone of his "guys".  Let's see how clean the house is by tonight though. 

I hope all of you have had a good week so far!



Mrs Dully said...

Question! Where do you find all of these classes? Or how do you find all of these classes?

Lindsay said...

The community in which we live has a very nice park district. Most of the classes start at age 2, but since Liam is so close, they were able to call the teacher and get the "OK". Check with your local park district and make sure you get the resident discount. I have also heard that YMCA's offer programs too.

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