Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't waste your money!

Tonight for dinner, I thought I would try something different.  I purchased Philadelphia Cooking Cream because I had a high value coupon and because it looked pretty good on the commercial.  Do not be fooled!  In a word. it was GROSS.  Inedible would be another good way to describe it.  Here's what I did (following the package instructions).  I cooked 2 cups of pasta.  Then, I sauteed a red pepper and 2 cubed chicken breasts with a little Pam.  After the pasta was cooked, I drained it and transferred it to the saute pan.  Lastly, I scooped out the Italian Herb and Cheese Cooking Cream and mixed it in until everything was covered.  The three of us sat down to eat and after a few bites my husband and I decided to not eat any more and threw out the rest of what was in the pan.  Liam ate a few bites too, and then threw his fork at me!

I want to try to describe why it was so bad, but it's hard.  My husband said how can you blog about it if you can't describe it, so I will try.  The flavor was so strong and overpowering.  There was too much of the sauce, but it was still dry.  I did not add any salt to the meal and it was much too salty. 

There are alot of high value coupons out there for this product, but trust me, save your money!  Do not buy Philadelphia Cooking Cream.



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