Thursday, March 24, 2011

Re-purpose a glass jar into a vase.

I saw something similar to these re-purposed jars ,but I don't remember where.  I've been saving various sizes of jars for a little project for Liam's birthday (you'll have to wait until May) and this particular jar was screaming for me to do something with it sooner.  It's round, but square in the middle and has little squares raised in the glass around the top and bottom.  So here it is, my version of a spaghetti sauce jar turned into a vase.

I used wrapping paper that matches the color scheme in my front room (for those not from Chicago, the living room), ribbon, glass jar, paper cutter, glue and scissors.

I used the paper cutter to get clean, even edges on all four sides of the "wrapper".  Just wrap the paper around the jar to see how big you want it.

Spread glue on the back of the paper.  The type of glue that you see in the picture is from Michaels and is what I use for most crafts.  It is permanent and sticks to most surfaces (paper, glass, metal, plastic, fabric).

Wrap the paper around the jar and smooth out any bubbles.

Cut a piece of ribbon so you will have about 1 inch overlap.  Glue one end of the ribbon and fold over the last quarter inch so the ribbon will not fray.

Now, spread glue all over the back of the ribbon and stick it to the first wrapper.  You will have a little bit of time to slide it around if it is not perfectly straight.  Just make sure that you put the folded over "clean" edge of the ribbon on top of the cut edge when they overlap.  Also, try to make sure that the seam of the paper and the seam of the ribbon are in the same spot when you stick them on the jar.

Here is the finished product with some pretty spring daffodils.

You can use the same technique to make a make-up brush or q-tip holder (think olive jars), pencil/pen cups (jelly jars) for your desk or anywhere that you need a jar but want to add a little bit of color.



Rachel said...

That came out really cute! I love easy ways to bring in color- great job!

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