Friday, March 18, 2011

Marble Magnets

I first saw these on Paint and Prozac (thanks Ames) and I thought I'd give them a try.  I used a few clippings from magazines and a few pics of Liam that I printed on plain paper (not photo paper).  Let me say, first I am not a photographer so the pictures are not great and second, they could have turned out better if I would have done a few thing differently.  Like they say, though, practice makes perfect.  Here are the materials that I used:

This is a close up of the glue that I used.  It's not the typical clear glue that is recommended, but those usually smell pretty bad and I didn't want a headache from a craft.  It really does dry clear and sticks to all surfaces.  Make sure that you buy the strong 1/2 inch magnets and clear glass flat bottom marbles (in the floral section at Michaels).  The marbles that I bought have a little bit of a shimmer to them so, unfortunately, they are not exactly the right kind.  Oh well, live and learn.  I wish I would have bought a 1/2 inch hole punch too.  It would have saved me from tracing the magnet and cutting tiny circles.  Next time, right?  And, I have to show a close up of the deal that I got on the tin to put the magnets in.  They were in the clearance section!

I put the magnet over the image and traced around it with a pencil.  Then I cut out the tiny pictures.  Next, I put a small dab of glue on the magnet, put the picture on and flattened it, then put a dab of glue on the picture and then put the marble on top of that and pressed down. 
They are very easy to make and I plan on making more just as soon as I buy a 1/2 inch punch and better glass marbles that are actually clear.  Here are the magnets just after I made them.  The glue is not dry yet so you can't see the pictures very well.

And here they are a few days later, after they were completely dried.

Now go make some magnets and have fun!



Laraf123 said...

I am going to make these--thanks for sharing!

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said...

what a fabulous idea!!! Unfortunately my fridge is not magnetic but my daughter will get a kick out of them with her magnet board. I will definitely be making these for family too :) said...

Those are super cute! My favorite is the I Love Nana. I'm really enjoying your projects!

ames said...

Very cute! I bought the wrong marbles the first time too. I need to figure out what to do with all those shimmery ones.

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